What We Must do About HB 2002 and Returning Sanity to Salem

By Sen. Art Robinson

HB 2002 is the worst bill I have ever seen.

The most shocking sections are laws relating to and promoting “gender affirming care” for children. This is simply irreversible child mutilation hiding behind a fancy-sounding phrase.

The original form of HB 2002 allowed this type of mutilation of children without their parents even being informed. The final version is only slightly better.

Every single one of the 17 Oregon Democratic senators sponsored or co-sponsored all versions of HB 2002.

As I told the other senators in a remonstrance on June 24th:

“Children can be confused and misled by evil people. Even adults follow fads and do weird things to get attention.

“There are two unchangeable sexes. But enough is known about biochemistry to mess with a child’s appearance and pretend.

“I would suggest that when a law promotes young boys being castrated and young girls also being mutilated, something is seriously wrong.”

I was absent from the Senate when HB 2002 was passed. I refused to help provide quorum for it (without being on the floor, my vote was essentially a NO anyway).

I did not approve of the deal that was made. I returned the last two days of session after HB 2002 passed when being absent could no longer prevent a quorum. I felt I could do more good by being there.

So, yes, it is actually true. The bill has not been exaggerated. The elected Democratic legislators are promoting a bizarre form of perverse child sexual mutilation.

Ordinary Americans of all parties are overwhelmingly against this perversion – when they find out what it is.

This is a nationwide problem. It is being pushed by a tiny radical subset of the Democratic Party. The rest of the Democratic politicians don’t dare speak out against it.

Those promoting or excusing this form of child mutilation make it sound like a medical problem. They pretend that children need it. This is absurd. It is transparently and obviously wrong.

Again, HB 2002 was sponsored by all 17 Democratic senators. They are all hiding behind each other. No one stands out to be criticized. Those who secretly don’t like it are hoping we will forget it and get on to other things. The Democrats have harmful views on many subjects, but I don’t believe many of them are actually in favor of child mutilation.

So, what do we do? How do we fight back against this craziness?

There is one simple way. We MUST win back both houses of the legislature next election. This time it should be easy.

Every Democrat supported child mutilation. We simply advertise this to the voters. Properly advertised, we can replace most of the legislators.

We must choose candidates who are solid on this issue. Too often politicians try to nuance their positions. They think they can appeal to all the voters by being partially on both sides of every issue.

If a Republican tells you that the issue of child mutilation is complicated, don’t support him. If he tells you doctors must approve, don’t support him either. If he tells you the child’s parents must give permission, definitely don’t support him. Child abuse by parents is wrong too. Only support Republicans who firmly state that it is wrong and are willing to stand against it.

We can win the elections this way and return sanity to Salem.

Because of the extended quorum denial, the Democrats are trying to prevent 10 senators, including me, from being reelected based on a new unconstitutional law which doesn’t even apply as written into law. I am certain I will be able to legally run for a second term as senator and look forward to continuing to serve you should you reelect me.

Our family works closely together. When you elected me, you elected me as your senator, and my family has worked with me as volunteers. Each of my six children and I earned a Ph.D. in a scientific subject. As scientists, we bring a unique perspective to the Senate, which is helpful.

Dr. Art Robinson and his wife Laurelee co-founded the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine and co-founded the Linus Pauling Institute with Linus Pauling. He currently represents District 2 in the Oregon State Senate.