Our Modern-Day Churchill: Like Him or Not, Vote Trump

By Entrepreneur “X” Donald Trump squeaking out a slim-margin victory in November will do little good. For this nation’s bullet train to catastrophe to be stopped, turned around and brought in the other direction will require him winning by such a landslide that every politician fears him and his voters, for both the House and … Read more

Anti-Trump Lawsuits Reveal Actual Conspiracy and ‘Racketeering’

By David J. Carey It is past time to call out the real racketeering and the conspirators guilty of it. Hundreds of Trump supporters remain in jail charged with “crimes,” initially including “insurrection” relating to the Jan. 6, 2021, demonstration at the Capitol building in Washington D.C. None of them has been convicted of insurrection, … Read more

Editorial: Presidential Politics

Time flies in the political world. We no sooner have midterm elections when suddenly it’s time to begin the quadrennial presidential election cycle. Of course, President Joe Biden has announced he is running for another term in 2024. That’s no surprise. What about on the Republican side? Who should challenge Biden? Normally, this means keeping … Read more