Josephine County Ballot Measures: Explanations and Recommendations

17-116 – Replacement of Josephine County Charter Measure 17-116 would replace the existing Josephine County Charter with an entirely new charter. The charter language covers five full pages in the voters’ pamphlet. It would be more pages, but the proposed charter removes Josephine County’s “Bill of Rights,” which include parental rights, protection of speech and … Read more

Proposed Josephine County Charter Already Conflicts with Past Court Rulings

In May Josephine County voters will decide whether to keep the existing county charter or replace it with a new county charter by approving Measure 17-116. Among other changes, the proposed charter would increase the number of commissioners from three to five and reduce commissioner compensation to $24,000 per year. “Section 7. COMPENSATION AND COMMISSION … Read more

5 Reasons to Vote No on Josephine County Charter Replacement

By William Kronert Measure 17-116, a ballot measure to change the Josephine County charter, is a perfect example of liberal ideas. Here are five reasons to vote “No on 17-116” next May. First, Measure 17-116 removes a provision that is in our current charter. It removes a prohibition of income tax. Advocates argue that it … Read more

2 Groups Proposing County Charter Revisions Now Gathering Signatures

Two petition drives are now underway locally, with volunteers gathering signatures to revise the Josephine County Charter. This follows a year-long study effort by the Josephine County Charter Review Commission. The groups have two years to collect the necessary 3,437 verified signatures to qualify for a county-wide vote. Josephine County is one of nine “home … Read more

Editorial: Commissioner Race: Vote for John West

The Board of County Commissioners faces challenges on funding the Sheriff’s Office, preventing wildfires, expanding housing opportunities in the county and running county operations at a time of leaner resources. So, what do we need in our new commissioner? An effective county commissioner requires a combination of leadership and management skills and experience. This is … Read more

County Commissioners Send Seasonal Sales Tax to November Vote

By Richard Emmons On Aug. 10, the Josephine County Commissioners voted unanimously to place a 3% seasonal sales tax before the voters in November. The proposed sales tax would be 3% on the first $2,000 of most sales of products and services. Transaction amounts above $2,000 would not be taxed. The sales tax would be … Read more