Parents, Regarding Your Kids’ Schooling: Can You do Better?

By Victoria Marshall With the 2022 school year now over, parents have the right and responsibility to ask, “Can we do better?” According to World Population Review, Oregon ranks 40th of the 50 states in education overall. The NEA is more generous and has Oregon Public Schools listed 26th for the 2019-20 school year. Each … Read more

Your Child’s Best Education Now – Better Public Schools Later

Following the recent student walkout at Grants Pass High School and North Middle School, District 7 Board Member Gary Richardson said, “The school district becomes the parent when a child is dropped off at school or climbs into a school bus.” This was a reference to the doctrine of in loco parentis, which is the … Read more

Grants Pass Area Teacher Speaks Out on Morale, Masks, ‘Equity’

By Teacher X Editor’s note: The Eagle posed the following questions to a Grants Pass area teacher we are calling “Teacher X.” He or she is not sharing any information that isn’t public but hopes to give clarification and focus to current issues facing students and staff in the public schools. Describe the impact of … Read more

Public Speaks Out and Three Rivers School District Board Listens

By Richard Emmons Josephine County Eagle, July 29, 2021 Yesterday, the Three Rivers School District board held its last meeting before the start of school in September.  The room was setup for 35 members of the community and every seat was filled. There were another 40 more people outside. The meeting was led by board … Read more

Drama and Disappointment at the Grants Pass School District Termination Hearings

On Thursday, July 15, I had a front-row seat at the four-hour Grants Pass School District 7 termination hearings for North Middle School Assistant Principal Rachel Damiano and science teacher Katie Medart, who were put on leave earlier this year after recording a video in support of the I Resolve movement, which offers alternatives to … Read more