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Revealed: District 7 Gender Identity Policy Hidden from Parents

By Constance Bradley

Josephine County Eagle (7/15/2021, p. 1)

There is currently no Grants Pass School District 7, board-approved policy for gender identity decisions. The district has hidden from the general public a memo that outlines a procedure to address the issues. Administrators have even gone so far as to not send it out or make it available to district staff, so even the district’s own employees aren’t aware of the procedure.

When asked, district officials will claim that this is the formal policy, and yet they refuse to shed light on it. What are they hiding? Now we know. The only way this 2/21/2021 memo has come to light was through a lengthy runaround and a formal public records request.

In short, the district policy does the following:

  • Allows a student to change from his/her legal pronouns without parental knowledge and/or consent.
  • Allows a student to change from his/her legal name without parental knowledge and/or consent.
  • Allows students to use whichever bathroom and locker room they choose to use. Again, this can happen without parental knowledge and/or consent.
  • From the memo, section 5: “Even if the parents do not consent to a formal change of gender, name or pronoun, District employees should not prohibit other students or employees from using the student’s preferred name or pronoun. …”

Parents, District 7 has been following this policy, is currently following it and will continue to do so – all without thinking you need to be involved or that you have a right to make decisions for your children. The policy is reprinted below. [Link to memo.]

Please be aware the district has hired, and you are paying for, Lewis & Clark’s TransActive Gender Project to help them write school policy. TransActive has has a very leftist/woke viewpoint and are indoctrinating Oregon schools via policy. You can learn more at this link:

Let the District 7 School Board know that you, as Grants Pass taxpayers, demand that your rights be honored and respected as the parents of the children of our community.

You can make your voice heard by emailing the board members. Please mention you are from Grants Pass and are a taxpayer.

Here are the board members’ email addresses:

  • Gary Richardson,
  • Brian DeLaGrange,
  • Cassie Wilkins,
  • Debbie Brownell,
  • Cliff Kuhlman,
  • Scott Nelson,
  • Todd Neville,
  • District 7 general,

Thank you so much for taking the time to stand up for the kids of Grants Pass!

Constance Bradley is wife to the veterinarian, mom to three young boys, fanatic of Grants Pass and passionate about people.⁣