Our Modern-Day Churchill: Like Him or Not, Vote Trump

By Entrepreneur “X”

Donald Trump squeaking out a slim-margin victory in November will do little good. For this nation’s bullet train to catastrophe to be stopped, turned around and brought in the other direction will require him winning by such a landslide that every politician fears him and his voters, for both the House and the Senate to go Republican by a significant majority, for statehouse and city governments to be re-stocked with believers in law and order, public safety and other traditional American values.

It’ll have to be big or it won’t matter much. Without a landslide victory, Trump’s executives orders will be immediately tied up in court; he’ll be a prisoner in the White House instead of an actual prison and probably impeached immediately. The huge, corrupt “deep state” second government will circle the wagons. Cities will keep crumbling, tax bases eroding, cities and states demanding bailouts or filing bankruptcy.

If you really, really “don’t like” Trump, I’ll tell you what an old mentor told me: You have to be big enough not to let your ‘likes’ ruin you. You don’t have to like him. There’s more at stake than your being offended.

You would benefit by studying the biography and history of Winston Churchill. He was very much disliked and disapproved of. He was a boozer, a cigar smoker, engaged in a number of questionable business deals – all failures – and was rude, misogynist and offensive to many. He was once driven from government, but then brought back on its rescue mission.

Without Churchill being Churchill, England would be part of the Nazi Empire, all of Europe fallen, everybody high-stepping and chanting “Heil, Hitler!”

Without Churchill being Churchill, England would be a footnote in history, and we might very well have fallen, too. FDR didn’t save us – he was dragged into World War II against his will by Churchill.

Time has made everybody forget how disliked Churchill was and how much opposition he had in the British government. Most people know little about him. I am a big “fan” and have read a great deal about the man.

In my mind, Trump is our Churchill of this time. His McDonalds diet, his hanging out with a porn star at his golf tournament, his off-the-cuff intemperate remarks and midnight tweets, his financial chicanery … just does NOT matter to me, any more than would Superman’s bad breath, body odor or constant groping of Lois Lane matter if we urgently needed him – and we most certainly urgently need Trump being Trump.

We need Trump being Trump with the United Nations, NATO countries, Putin, Chairman Xi, the midget whacko in North Korea, Iran, American companies exporting jobs that should stay here, obese federal bureaucracies and agencies, the wholly corrupt FBI, IRS, DOJ, governors and mayors. We need Trump knocking heads together.

Joe Biden is akin to the weak, weak-minded appeaser Lord Chamberlain. If he had had his way, Churchill would have been in exile or chains, and Hitler would have been handed Europe on a silver platter.

Chamberlain and Hitler is very comparable to Biden and both Iran and China. Iran’s policy is “Death to America.” China is at war with us on at least five fronts. Biden is bowing and scraping and laughed at. Probably paid by our enemies, too – his palms greased, head patted. Most recently, Biden turned on our ally and became pro-Hamas.

Biden actually makes Chamberlain seem brave by comparison. As history ultimately marked Chamberlain as England’s greatest embarrassment (until Prince Harrried and the Princess of Much Grievance), history will mark Biden as ours.

If you want America to have a spine, if you want America to survive as America, you have only one choice in November. Like him or not.

Entrepreneur X is a nationally known writer and business consultant.