More Excellent Way: Monday School or Sunday School?

Let’s look at truth and how it is being taught to many children.

In Sunday School, children learn that God created the Earth out of nothing by the word of His power. In Monday (through Friday) School, children are taught that everything evolved from nothing after the Big Bang.

In Sunday School, children are taught that God created Man in His image, which makes human beings special. In Monday School, children are taught that Man evolved from apes, which evolved from other animals.

In Sunday School, children are taught that God created people male and female. In Monday School, children are taught that each person’s sex is “assigned at birth” by the doctor and can be changed later.

In Sunday School, children are taught that original sin meant men have to work by the sweat of their brow and that women will have pain in childbirth. In Monday School, children are taught that everyone has to work, and that “birthing parents” deliver babies, not mothers.

In Sunday School, children are taught that God created the rainbow as a reminder of His Covenant with Mankind following the judgement of Noah’s Flood. In Monday School, children are taught that the rainbow flag is a symbol of sexual pride, and God gets left out of the discussion.

In Sunday School, children are taught they are “fearfully and wonderfully” made and that God “knit their body together in their mother’s womb.” In Monday School, children are taught how to avoid getting pregnant and that abortion will end unwanted pregnancies.

What is taught in Sunday School and Monday School cannot both be right. One is true and the other is false. Will your children know what is true and what is false?

What do children learn in afterschool programs?

Children involved in agriculture programs like 4-H or Youth & Ag learn how to raise farm animals from breeding to birth to auction at the county fair.

Children watch in wonder as a cow gives birth to a male or female calf. Children learn that baby cows will grow up, be bred, have calves of their own and be milked. Children also learn that young bulls can be castrated and become steers. This makes them better to raise for meat but renders them incapable of impregnating a cow.

Children learn that breeding goats lead to cute baby goats being born. Female goats are prized because they can grow up and breed more baby goats. Male goats can be kept for breeding or be castrated and kept for clearing fields of brush or raised for meat.

Children learn that hens lay eggs and that eggs eventually hatch and chicks emerge. Female chicks become hens and lay more eggs. Male chicks become noisy roosters sometimes and meat in the crockpot in most cases.

Children would laugh out loud if a leader taught them that a bull can become a cow or a rooster become a hen. Yet in health class during Monday School they are taught that boys can become women and girls can become men.

Isn’t this all a bit confusing? Older children may see through all these contradictions. Younger children lose their innocence and gain a confused and distorted understanding of the world.

Young children should be taught a consistent truth seven days a week. What are your children being taught? Whose teaching do they trust?

“Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” (Proverbs 22:6)

Richard Emmons is the publisher and editor of the Josephine County Eagle.