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Grants Pass Company Seeks to Save Honeybees from Deadly Parasite

By Richard Emmons

As the editor of the Josephine County Eagle, people often seek me out to share story ideas, complain about local problems, or ask me to do a major journalistic investigation into something that affects only a handful of people in Josephine County.

Sometimes an idea seems too good to be true yet intrigues me enough to sit down and discuss it.

Recently, I met with the founders of a newly launched Grants Pass company because they claimed to have a solution to a worldwide bee problem I knew nothing about. Here is our conversation.

Eagle: What is the problem that is killing off honeybees in the United States?

The Varroa Destructor is a parasitic mite that attaches itself to honeybees inside of beehives. It causes early death from loss of blood. The Varroa Destructor continues to spread across the U.S. and other countries and affects more and more beehives.

How is this affecting the honeybee industry?

The resulting loss of honeybees has caused the U.S. to import honey from other countries. Honey is a popular sweetener, and natural honey has many health benefits. Also, honeybees pollinate approximately one-third of the food we eat. Without enough honeybees, trees and plants will not get pollinated, and food supplies will decline.

What solution has Zitavex developed?

Zitavex Foundation has developed a patented process to rid honeybee hives of the Varroa Destructor. The process is natural, organic, chemical free and effective. By spraying the inside of a beehive, the bees naturally rid the beehive of the Varroa Destructor.

Will the treatment be expensive and difficult to find?

No. Zitavex has a surprisingly simple and powerful marketing plan. Zitavex will give away the treatment formula so beekeepers can immediately treat their bees and get the benefit.

Can the treatment be done by novice beekeepers?

Yes. The formula has three common ingredients and can be easily applied.

Why would Zitavex give away such a valuable process?

To gain widespread acceptance through the marketplace would take many years. The Varroa Destructor problem is very severe and has the potential to devastate the honey business and all crops that depend on pollination. Giving away the formula enables beekeepers everywhere to treat their beehives and rid their hives of the Varrroa Destructor. We want people to “Bee kind” and save the honeybee for ourselves and for future generations.

How will Zitavex stay in business if it gives away its anti-Varroa Destructor formula?

Zitavex Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit organization devoted to scientific research. Our hope is that beekeepers and farmers who benefit from the Zitavex process will make tax-deductible donations to help us continue our scientific work.

What other scientific research does Zitavex do?

Zitavex developed a patented process that stops bleeding using processed honey. We will use donated funds to perform the clinical research needed to prove to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that our patented process actually works.

To learn more about Zitavex Foundation, visit its website at

Richard Emmons is the Publisher and Editor of the Josephine County Eagle.