The ‘Oregon Plan’ For Affordable Housing: Kicking the Working Class While They’re Down

By Dave Hunnicutt The American Planning Association (APA), the national organization for state and local planners, recently published a brutally honest assessment of the impact of residential upzoning (i.e. increasing housing density) on low-income households and low-income neighborhoods. While the APA’s conclusions shouldn’t surprise anyone, their honesty and willingness to acknowledge problems that are taboo … Read more

Should Homelessness be Escaped or Enabled?

By Ron Strom and Mary Lou Thomason Editor’s Note: This column first appeared in the Eagle in 2021. It has been updated for today’s ongoing debate over homelessness in Grants Pass. The Grants Pass Gospel Rescue Mission has helped people leave homelessness behind and become contributing members of our community since 1984. Today, we are … Read more