First Trump-Biden Debate Causes ‘Panic in the Democratic Party’

Last night’s debate between former President Donald Trump and current President Joe Biden was an example of cruel and unusual political punishment by putting him on a worldwide debate stage. This very early presidential debate displayed the poor mental fitness of President Biden before the American Voter. Now Democrat leaders are calling for Biden to … Read more

Winning Elections with Integrity and Authenticity

By Dr. Noah Robinson Oregonians want honest elected officials. And yet, politics has become so corrupt that many voters ignore those officials as much as possible, and many of them don’t even vote. One lesson from the Senate District 2 primary election is that Republican campaign consultants and candidates should run strictly honest campaigns. It … Read more

Editorial: A New Direction for Oregon: Vote Christine Drazan for Governor

Back in August, Republicans were excited to learn Christian Drazan would attend the Josephine County Fair for a meet and greet. One Republican leader suggested we form a circle around Christine to protect her from overzealous Republicans. That was a needless worry. Christine heard strong, informed and sometimes heated concerns about the SB 762 Wildfire … Read more

Election Recap and Look to November

By Richard Emmons The May 17 election resulted in a November run-off for county commissioner between John West and Brian DeLaGrange, voters repealing the county code enforcement ordinance and voters saying “No” to a ballot question about moving Josephine County to the state of Idaho. Josephine County Counsel Wally Hicks ran unopposed and was reelected … Read more

Attention Leaders: Stay in Your Lane!

Before we get to leaders generally, let’s talk about you leading you. Individual self-government is the foundation of all governmental units in society. I begin with self-government because without people controlling themselves, there will either be anarchy or tyranny. If all of us first pay attention to governing ourselves, then other forms of government in … Read more